Fast Track Survey

Today we launched our consultation survey to help inform the Fast Track Cardiff & Vale action plan.

Together we want to get more people testing for HIV and tackle the stigma and prejudice that surrounds it still. We want to eliminate new HIV infections here in Wales by 2030 and so we want to hear your ideas. Whether or not you have HIV and whether or not you’ve ever tested for it, tell us what more can be done by answering this ten minute confidential questionnaire:

Black British, African, South Asian and living in Cardiff & Vale? What should we be doing to break down barriers and improve services? Let us know.

What is the survey about?

Where previous consultations have taken place in person, we have now adapted our approach to fit the requirements of the Coronavirus outbreak, ensuring we provide a safe way for you to have your say. This survey has been designed by professional researchers from the NHS, Cardiff University and the community to do this.

This questionnaire includes questions about your experiences of using sexual health services in Cardiff, your personal relationship to HIV and any experience you have had or witnessed of HIV stigma/prejudice.

The survey responses will be used to help form the action plan for Fast Track Cardiff & Vale. There will be a published report which will be available to everyone online.  

This questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, depending on the length of your answers. 

LGBT+ and living or working in Cardiff & Vale? Tell us what would encourage more people to test for HIV and how to tackle stigma

Who should take part in the survey?

We want to hear from anyone who lives or works in Cardiff & Vale for whom HIV, access to testing for it or stigma about it are important issues. Taking part is voluntary; you can stop at any time and you can choose whether to send any responses you make.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the survey, just 10 minutes of your time could chaneg the lvies of many across CArdiff and Vale,; and indeed across Wales.

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