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Fast Track Cardiff & Vale is built on an alliance of non-governmental organisations, engaged health services, and local authorities with the aim of improving the response to HIV.  This alliance provides a strong and connected platform to make a difference across our communities in Cardiff & Vale and beyond, with the aim of eventually broadening its work to the whole of Wales. A key focus for these ambitions has always been on engaging and empowering communities, and collecting and understanding data to drive innovation and improvements in services.

The overall aim of our Research & Evaluation Strategy is to contribute to the creation of a learning system which makes the use of local relevant data a core value, linked to international evidence to deliver a pathway towards the Paris Declaration goals for 2030. A key focus of this work will be to ensure that we reduce inequality and ensure that people living with HIV are supported to achieve the Wellbeing of Wales goals enshrined in the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (2015).

Our three areas of work will focus on DATA, TESTING, and STIGMA.

DATA: We aim to map all existing data and make sure it is put to use in the most effective way. We will also direct the collection of new data and develop our understanding of attitudes and issues relating to data capture across organisations. Check our reports here.

TESTING: Key to ensuring earlier diagnosis is to maximise testing.  We will aim to evaluate new and emerging approaches to sampling and testing, and ensure that evidence from elsewhere informs local innovation. Use of new digital technologies to improve engagement and participation will be considered. For instance, read more about the new HIV Home test kit offered by Frisky Wales here.

STIGMA: We will review the international evidence for effective interventions and assess feasibility for implementation in Cardiff & Vale and Wales. We will develop and deliver approaches to reduce stigma, including self-stigma, in high prevalence populations and among the general public.  A key area of work will be addressing prejudice among health professionals, particularly a reluctance to start conversations about HIV. 

All local innovations will be provided with an evaluation framework so that we can have rapid learning and evidence to discuss with all partner organisation and policy makers.

You can download a PDF copy of our research strategy here.

Spotlight: Prof Kerry Hood.

Thanks to the interest of the Prof Kerry Hood, member of Fast Track City Cardiff & Vale and Director of the Centre for Trials Research, the University of Cardiff has developed a program of research centred on HIV prevention.

“This will be world-leading research that can influence the services for people at risk of developing HIV across the UK and beyond” – Prof Kerry Hood.

Latest Reports

See our full list of Reports & Resources here.

In November 2020 we published the results of our Getting to Zero Survey. You can read the full report here.

In November 2019 we published a report: Bringing Fast Track Cities to Cardiff & Vale and to Wales. You can read the full report here.

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