Reports & Resources

Underpinning the ambitions of Fast Track Cardiff & Vale is the focus on engaging and empowering communities, and collecting and understanding data to drive innovation and improvements in services. Fast Track Cardiff aims to map all existing data and make sure it is put to use in the most effective way. We also direct the collection of new data and develop our understanding of attitudes and issues relating to data capture across organisations.

Our most recent reports and resources are free and available to download.

In November 2020 we published the results of our Getting to Zero Survey. You can read the full report here.

This report presents the findings from the survey project developed to explore what people from key groups think of the current services in Cardiff & Vale, what improvements they would suggest and any experiences of stigma they have faced.

In November 2019 we published a report: Bringing Fast Track Cities to Cardiff & Vale and to Wales. You can read the full report here.

This report examines three key questions that are necessary to consider as part of any Fast Track City initiative in Cardiff and Vale. These include: how many people access care for their HIV; the issues of late diagnosis of HIV infection in this region; and what we know about HIV-related stigma in Wales.

Download the Fast Track Cardiff Research Strategy 2021-25 here (PDF).

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