HIV Data for Cardiff

Public Health England (PHE) figures come from data received from Public Health Wales (PHW). Figures are based on where people live (i.e. by residence), rather than by centre of care. Evidence is from 2019 for Cardiff, unless otherwise stated. PLHIV refers to people living with HIV and ART refers to people on antiretroviral therapy.

Population size


New HIV Infections


People living with HIV


*The 720 is the estimate of the number of people living with HIV (including those not yet diagnosed). This is worked out from the number diagnosed (i.e. in care) which is 670.

Meeting the 90-90-90 Target

2017-19 PHE Cardiff estimates by residence. In 2019, the population was 500,490; the estimated number of people living with HIV (PLHIV) was 720; the number of PLHIV diagnosed (i.e. in care) was 670 and the percentage of estimated number of PLHIV diagnosed was 93% (670/720); the number of PLHIV on ART was 670 and the percentage PLHIV diagnosed who are on ART was 100% (670/670); the number of PLHIV undetectable was 640 and the percentage of those on ART who are undetectable was 96% (640/670).

Late diagnosis


Late diagnosis means that you’ve tested positive for HIV after the virus has already started to damage your immune system. We are still seeing more people in Cardiff & Vale testing late for HIV – 62% in Cardiff compared to the 42% average of the UK (FTC Data Report November 2019).

All-STIs (including HIV) postal test requests in Cardiff and Vale

Number of all-STIs test orders/requests placed per 100,000 16+years population in Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (CVUHB).
Milestones of FTC&V and campaigns are shown. May to Oct 2021. The #TimeToTest campaign promoted the newly established “Frisky Wales” postal testing service.

HIV postal tests (online booking) – all Wales

HIV postal tests from online booking – All Wales. Milestones of Fast Track Cardiff and Vale (FTC&V) and campaigns are shown. June to September 2021. The #TimeToTest campaign promoted the newly established “Frisky Wales” postal testing service.
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