Wales HIV Testing Week

22-28 November 2021

Wales HIV Testing Week, coordinated by Fast Track Cardiff & Vale, is launching on 22 November and will last until the 28th.

As part of Wales HIV Testing Week we encourage interested organisations across Wales to partner with us to increase testing and promote awareness of the benefits of earlier HIV testing – a long and healthy life and no more HIV transmissions.

The aim of the week is to break down the stigma that prevents people from testing, show how easy it is to get tested and link people to the national free postal testing portal. We provide a range of materials and messages (see below), or you are welcome to organise your own.


During Wales HIV Testing Week we will be running a campaign across social media platforms and we need your help to spread the word and have an active role in the campaign.

You can download template social media messages, images, posters and our press release from our FTC&V Padlet here.

We will be posting across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we encourage organisations across Wales to get involved.


We know that Wales has a higher prevalence of HIV stigma and late HIV diagnoses than much of the UK. We also know that the newly introduced postal testing kit is increasing testing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic; and we have an opportunity to showcase the impact this has had and encourage more people to test. 

Misinformation and misconceptions play a large role in HIV stigma and can create a barrier to getting tested. This Wales HIV Testing Week we’re encouraging people to challenge their understanding of the facts in order to educate and inform them about the support available. 


  • Knowing your HIV status is the first step to protecting yourself and others. Take pride in knowing yours.
  • HIV testing in Wales has never been easier. Order your free confidential postal test kit today at 
  • Anyone can get HIV. It isn’t limited to any one sexuality, race, religion or gender.
  • With modern HIV treatment you can live as long as anyone else, but you cannot get treated if you don’t know your status. 
  • HIV treatment will also stop the virus to be passed on to anyone else.
  • If you are sexually active but don’t have HIV, there is a treatment (PrEP) which prevents you getting HIV, available from sexual health clinics across Wales.


Mae Wythnos Profi HIV Cymru, a gydlynir gan Fast Track Cardiff & Vale, yn lansio ar 22 Tachwedd a bydd yn para tan yr 28ain.

Fel rhan o Wythnos Profi HIV Cymru rydym yn annog sefydliadau sydd â diddordeb ledled Cymru i fod yn bartner gyda ni i gynyddu profion a hyrwyddo ymwybyddiaeth o fuddion o cael prawf HIV yn gynnar – a cael bywyd hir ac iach a dim mwy o drosglwyddiadau HIV yn Cumry.

Pwrpas yr wythnos yw chwalu’r stigma sy’n atal pobl rhag profi, dangos pa mor hawdd yw profi a chysylltu pobl â’r porth profi post rhad ac am ddim cenedlaethol. Byddwn yn darparu nifer o ddeunyddiau a negeseuon (gweler isod), neu mae croeso i chi drefnu eich hun.

Cymryd Rhan

Yn ystod Wythnos Profi HIV Cymru byddwn yn cynnal ymgyrch ar draws llwyfannau cyfryngau cymdeithasol ac mae angen eich help arnom i gynyddu yr neges a chwarae rhan weithredol yn yr ymgyrch.

Gallwch chi lawrlwytho negeseuon cyfryngau cymdeithasol, lluniau, posteri a’n datganiad i’r wasg oddi wrth FTC&V Padlet yma.

Byddwn yn postio ar draws Facebook, Twitter ac Instagram ac rydym yn annog sefydliadau ledled Cymru i gymryd rhan.

Gobeithiwn y gallwch ymuno â ni i godi ymwybyddiaeth o brofion HIV a helpu i chwalu’r rhwystrau sy’n atal pobl rhag cael mynediad at wasanaethau hanfodol. Mae croeso i chi gysylltu â ni os hoffech wybod mwy, a dweud wrthym beth rydych chi’n ei wneud.

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