A Student Guide to Sexual Health in Cardiff & Vale

For new and current students, find out where you can get sexual health support in Cardiff & Vale.

Free and confidential sexual health support and services are available in Cardiff and the Vale.

Support and Services

Time to Test?

Getting tested is the first step in protecting yourself and others from STIs and HIV. Call the Sexual Health Clinic Cardiff on 02920335208.

You can also order a free and confidential home test kit here, for HIV and other STIs, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

I am pregnant and I need to talk to someone about my options

For advice on who to talk to, check the website of Frisky Wales.

Pregnancy Advisory Service – Cardiff & Vale. There is a dedicated booking line for people requesting advice about an unplanned pregnancy: 02921 842638

Pregnancy Advisory Service – Cardiff & Vale

Check the booking form for Pregnancy Advisory Service (PAS): LINK TO FORM HERE (or use the QR code above)

I want to start PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis)

Call the Sexual Health Clinic Cardiff on 02920335208.

Find out more about PrEP on the Frisky Wales webpage or by visiting https://prepwales.org/

I have been exposed to HIV

Call the Sexual Health Clinic Cardiff on 02920335208. To find out more about PEP and HIV exposure, you can check this page here.

I need condoms

You can order condoms from Frisky Wales.

You can also get a condom card or C Card from the YMCA or call the SHOT team on 02920465250.


Call the Sexual Health Clinic Cardiff on 02920335208.

Pharmacies provide emergency hormonal contraception, find your nearest pharmacy here.

Click here for more information about oral contraceptive services in Cardiff and Vale.

Further Support Online

Download and print our posters and leaflets!

Feel free to download and print these posters and leaflets for your department, Students’ Union, college and institute (where/if leafleting and posters are allowed).


Supported by a grant from Viiv Healthcare Positive Action. We are grateful to ViiV Healthcare for supporting our initiative and funding our 21st Century HIV project.

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